How To Choose Right Laptop Bag

Have you looked at laptop bags lately?
If you have not looked in a year or so for a laptop bag, you will be surprised at how large the selection has become.
There are so many types and styles of laptop bags out there that it can be difficult to choose between them. From standard cases to messenger–style bags, backpacks to briefcases, the variety is truly astonishing.
It’s important to choose the laptop bag that’s right for your situation and fits your sense of style. While a backpack-style laptop bag might be good for someone who is on-the-go often and has a very casual sense of style, it might not be quite so perfect for a high-powered executive who wears power suits and $500 shoes!
Laptop bags can be expensive. Even the least expensive bags start at $30 to $50. A decent quality bag that will last longer and protect your laptop; will probably cost at least $100. If you want something in real leather with a designer brand name, you might have to pay around $300 or more. With prices like these, it’s an investment that should not take lightly.
Tips on how to get the right laptop bag for your needs
• Laptop Size: The first thing you should look at before shopping for a laptop bag is to find out, how large your laptop is? Laptops that are 15” or smaller in size should fit into any laptop bag, but I recommend you get laptop bag according to your laptop size. But the problem arises when you own a large laptop like 17 inches or 19 inches. As there are fewer choices for larger laptop bags. Visit this website to get an idea of laptop screen sizes
• Laptop Bag Space: After you finish figuring out what size laptop bag you need, you have to answer few more question. What do you want to carry in your laptop bag? Are you a student who need to take books, assignment along with the laptop? Are you a business traveler, who need to carry essential business documents along with the laptop? If you are just a regular guy who needs to walk around with the laptop, then a laptop sleeve will be perfect for you, but if you are a student or business who need to carry other things as well, then I recommend you to shop a laptop messenger bag or laptop backpack.
• Sense of Style: Another important to consideration is your sense of style. Choosing the right bag isn’t only about price or size, it’s also about choosing the bag that will fit your personality, lifestyle, and sense of style.
Types and styles of laptop bags
• Messenger Bag: Messenger Bags are perfect for semi-casual professionals. They’re sleek, stylish, and professional, but still a little fun and sporty. They are good for carrying your laptop, but little else. Their small size doesn’t make them good candidates for those who carry a lot of accessories.
• Laptop Backpack: Laptop Backpacks are superb for people who travel a lot with their laptop. Laptop Backpacks distributes weight smartly around your body, which ultimately makes you more comfortable when you have to carry your computer for an extended period. They’re best for casual use, for school and more informal work settings.
• Professional Laptop Bags: Professionals need something more like a traditional laptop case or briefcase. The standard hard-shell suitcase isn’t suitable for notebooks because they can slide around and become damaged. Soft-shell briefcases are the standard for laptops. Depending on the model, these cases can hold a lot of accessories, and they are highly recommended. But nowadays, professionals prefer smarter laptop bags like laptop backpacks or laptop messenger bags.
Remember, it’s important to choose the right case for you. It can be a relatively expensive investment, and it protects another valuable investment. Choosing the right one is important because you probably won’t be able to return it once it’s been used for a while. Visit this website you will find real review best laptop bags and best laptop backpacks
How To Choose Right Netbook Bag For Your Needs
You own a netbook, iPad or notebook, and you are looking to find a case or a bag to carry and protect it but with hundred's to choose from how do you know which netbook, iPad or notebook case would be right for you?
Before you get too overwhelmed you should know that although you may see hundreds upon hundreds of netbook bags listed in a shop such as Amazon you'll begin to notice that there are only a few styles and the rest of the selections are different colors, patterns and sizes.
The most popular style for a netbook. IPad, Kindle etc., is the messenger bag style. With the messenger bag, you just sling it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go, leaving for hands-free, to ride your bike, carry groceries or keep them in your pocket so that they stay warm in the winter. The messenger style is also easy on your back, especially if you use it as a crossover bag and place the strap over your head onto your opposite shoulder.
With the netbook messenger bag you'll find that there are 2 main styles; the standard messenger bag (horizontal) and the vertical style messenger bag. The vertical laptop messenger bag works with smaller netbooks such as a 9" or 10" and other small electronics such as an iPad, Kindle and digital cameras.
Once you have a netbook that starts to run 12" or larger you will find that with the vertical style is will hang fairly low and will start to bang into objects, which isn't too good for your electronics.
Besides deciding on whether you want a vertical or horizontal netbook messenger bag you will want to figure out what size you need. You don't want a bag that is too small or way too big. Measure your netbook. If it is 10.2", be sure to look at bags that are designed for netbooks 10.2" or larger. Don't try to squeeze a netbook into a smaller bag even if the description mentions that it's roomy.
Now that you know the size of your netbook, you will want to think about other items that you will more than likely carry with it. With items such as battery charger and adapters manufacturers usually know that they will be carried with you, so they have space allotted for them. However, if you normally have a change of clothes, spare lightweight windbreakers, hair brushes, cosmetics, and school books a DVD player, etc., you will want to be sure that you are purchasing a netbook bag with enough room to carry everything that you usually take with you.
If you do decide to take additional items with you be sure to look for a bag that has a matching sleeve for your netbook or has several different compartments so that your netbook stays protected.
Talking about protection, are you the type that will drop your bag? Bang it against objects? Or is this bag for a child? If so you are going to want a bag with good protection such as foam cushioning to help cradle your electronics.
Do you walk or ride a bike to work or school? If you will want to look for a bag, that is water resistant. Canvass and neoprene or naturally water resistant or you could always use a water resistant spray on your bag (however, always test a small spot first to be sure that the spray does not ruin or stain the fabric). The leather is always an option, and you will find that leather messenger bags are not as expensive as you may think.
Now that you know the style, size and material what about the color or design of the fabric. Remember that you will probably have your netbook messenger bag for many years so think a bit about the color and design.
Having the latest colors or fad designs are fun if you can replace you bag once the fad fades, but if you need to stay on a budget stick to more neutral colors or designs. Notice, I didn't say boring - just neutral. If you want red - go for red - but just not the brightest one. Pink is very popular - just remember that a light pink can look pretty dirty quickly so a mid-pink color is the better option.
Now that you have an idea of what you want and need in a netbook bag I suggest that you visit Amazon to do your shopping. At Amazon they have a very large selection, nice low prices, many bags have free shipping and you can always read the reviews of previous customers to see what they liked or didn't like about their bag.
Customers will give you the best idea of how the bag works in the real world.

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