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This website is the place to come and DISCOVER…
My blog covering life as a 30 something single traveller, currently based in Vancouver Canada, still discovering new and fun aspects to life. In addition, you can join me on the trials and tribulations of what it’s like as a writer trying to get my book published!

Traditional travel blogs covering everything from Ugandan gorilla visits, Japanese sake tastings, Argentinian tango lessons or Mexican jungle trekking

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Continental tips from lessons learned

Readings and public speaking events to do with travel and writing

In a nutshell–you will get something from this site if you want to be entertained and inspired to travel the world. So as it says above, do not rush-stop and enjoy the show. Please read often and review – tell all your friends, your neighbors, your in-laws and your travel buddies – The Babe With A Backpack IS BACK!!

A Little About Me (Fiona Scott!)
Where do I start? I used to think I was a boring girl that simply worked hard and had a bit of fun. Then I reached a stage in life where all I wanted to do was travel the world and discover new cultures, new geographies and the new me. This is when the ‘Babe With A Backpack’ became official!

I was born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia. I then spent 10 years living and working in the UK, escaping for only a few European adventures with wheels and heels. My caffeine addiction was at it’s peak and my social life was declining due to working too many hours. So I boldly decided to throw in the towel and embark on a 24 country solo tour around the world.

During and in between the multiple touchdowns and take-offs, my life dream came true; I reached out to the world and got even more in return. I have now set up a life back in Vancouver with a new direction as a writer, presenter and travel specialist. I spend a lot of time on my bike around town, and hanging out in Canada’s largest travel store, Wanderlust. But more importantly than any work, I continue to discover amazing events, people and ridiculous situations. This is what I learned during my initial travels, so this is what I continue to write about here as The Babe With A Backpack.

AND… I’m still a singleton in my 30's searching for Mr. Right so that’s got to be entertaining enough to read on isn’t it?!
The adventures continue…

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